Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rest In Peace to the False Starts, Lost Souls & Broken Hearts

Rest in the false starts, lost souls and broken hearts...
Abandoned, stranded, underhanded, beaten, put out, cursed...
Between life and was worst and now we watch your hearse...
Abused, confused, misused, so many issues,
Maybe we had a clue but now...we miss you...
You smiled, laughed, said "I'm fine", who knew you were lying?
Words unsaid? Things not did? Regret, can’t forget...
False starts: crack baby, mother’s in jail, father's?
Lost souls: hungry stomachs, shoeless feet, no knowledge or no money for that college, it's the block or the pole, the glock or the stroll, jail then hell, destined to fail...
Broken hearts: where do I start? The motherless child? The woman in denial? The poor man with just a plan? Girls pretending to be women? Boys who know no men?
Disrupted homes, cracked bones…Black and blue, who's true? Red and white, what's right?
Rest in peace to the false starts, lost souls and broken hearts, I feel your pain.
I am one of you, I am all of you. I tell my story.
And they tell me feel blessed, I made it through but I'm like “through what?!”
They have no clue that I'm still going through or how much I'd like to join you, to rest in peace, be done with this beast...
Rest in peace, wish I was with you but I don't have the strength to give up and give in…
Life is short but sometimes not short enough…I'm waiting…
Dying inside, wondering when will it end?
But until then, rest in peace to the false starts, lost souls and broken hearts...

-Sincerest, Symone

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter V Review

           Chapter V: *the CD comes with a hidden, extended version of the track* The intro is very nice and familiar. It reminds one of the Anticipation sound, with the kind of eerie, trance-like production and laid back, sort of chill-like but sensual vocals, that relax and seduce at the same time. 5/5
Dive In: The 3rd single comes out strong with the R&B feel this day and age has been missing. Strong melodic vocals, beautiful vibrato, freaky, metaphoric lyrics, smooth guitar riffs and the “underwater” audio is a perfect imagery and mood setup. 4/5
Panty Wetter: The water sounds from Dive In continue to this track that features a R. Kelly and Usher-ish vibe. The Panty Droppa has returned proving he is, indeed, your panty wetter, as well. Laced with the signature adlibs we’ve come to expect and enjoy, strong, engaging guitar riffs, a bridge that is true modeling of R&B we would’ve heard in the 90s and a favorite line from Love Faces (“take ‘em off, take ‘em off”), Panty Wetter is the perfect example of meshing the old with the new, while staying authentic. 5/5
Heart Attack:  The album’s leading single talks about the point in a relationship where it hurts so much to stay but the thought of leaving hurts just as much. The Rico Love and Benny Blanco produced track has crossover potential and is a track Trey could sing and connect with people all around the world. Simple, yet poignant lyrics with perfect production allow the mind and heart to understand and feel the situation being sung about. 5/5
Playin Hard: This track reintroduces Trigga to mainstream supporters, who don’t listen to his mixtapes like LemmeHolDatBeat, for the first time since Wonder Woman on ‘Trey Day’. Playin Hard is the perfect mix of Trey and Trigga, he doesn’t come out as brash as a lot of singers who try to rap often do, nor does he let his vocals flop because he’s trying too hard to be taken seriously when he’s spitting bars. He’s one of very few who can actually do both, rapping and singing, well. He has the potential to be like a Lauryn Hill and is already better than the Chris Brown or Drake type, in my honest opinion. I think listeners will be able to appreciate the authenticity and seriousness of the track, whereas he could’ve went the “party” or “hip pop” route with a song, he choose to instill great vocals, bars that sound like he actually does hip hop for a living, a song with meaning, not one that will just serve as a “hit” record.  5/5
2 Reasons: (feat TI) The next Say Ahh, Bottoms Up club banger type is definitely a hit at the party and at the club; instantly gets the crowd moving. It’s fun, it’s ratchet, it’s exactly what’s desired to get the party started. Some people seem offended by the repetition of “bitches” which I don’t understand. It’s not used in a derogatory context in the song. The word bitch is very common in the atmosphere the song will be played at, most of the time as an endearing term (i.e. bad bitch) and in that environment, women are rarely acting in ladylike form anyway, so the whole fuss about a word is really stupid to me. It’s not a love song or something that would be played at a child’s birthday party. However, if the term is so offensive, there is also the clean version, which replaces “bitches’ with “ladies” 4.5/5
Hail Mary: Hail Mary in this one is alluding to the football term, in a sexual sense, not the religious affiliation nor Tupac’s song of the same title. Features from Jeezy and Wayne compliment the song, effortlessly. Not an album standout, despite two heavy hitters in the rap game, but not a fail, as far as a good record goes.  3.5/5
Don’t Be Scared: A laidback track featuring heavyweight Rick Ross, has Trey confessing his playboy ways but asking his love interest to ignore what people say about him and not to be scared because he’s honest. Love the production on this song and think Trey is flawless whereas Ross seems to be lacking. Rick’s verse is easily forgettable and perhaps not needed or should’ve been someone else.   4/5
Pretty Girl’s Lie: A favorite of the album. Pretty Girl’s Lie is the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” personified. Backed up by calming, simple production, very nice piano, Trey delivers amazing, powerful vocals that arouse a Michael Jackson feel, in my opinion. 5/5
Bad Decisions: Trey comes to realization of his faults and accepts he made bad decisions along the way that have left him lonely. Lovely vocals and harmonies over a slight rock infused track make for another great song 5/5
Forever Yours: A song that will have you 2-stepping at first, but gets you in the mood to get really close to your partner, so your 2-step becomes a slow grind, engaging in a deep, passionate stare, enticing lip biting. Pure seduction. 5/5
Inside Interlewd:  Lewd at its best, nasty, filthy, sexy, romantic. Trance-like, sure to have you wanting more *listen to Outside (from Inevitable EP) then Inside (from Anticipation 2) followed by Inside Interlewd 5/5
Fumble: One of Trey’s best works of art EVER! This song is so heartfelt and perfectly put together, right down to each little adlib, the production, the vocal arrangement, the lyrics, each note is flawless. 5/5
Without A Woman:  One of the best vocal performances we’ve heard in a long time. Without A Woman, an ode to the importance of women, is a strong, huge ballad. Trey sings passionately with a beautiful horn section, flawless harmonies, almost forcing you to keep hitting the repeat button. R&B at its best. 5/5
Interlude4U: Crazy in love Trey visits us again on this interlude extending from previous tracks Infidelity (on Anticipation) and Me 4 U Infidelity 2 (on Anticipation 2) It’s dark and twisted, scary and seductive. 5/5
Simply Amazing: The title describes this song perfectly, simply amazing. The slight rock track, paired with lyrics praising a woman, who’s perfectly imperfect and the joy it is to be loved by her instantly warms the heart and encourages a smile. 5/5
Never Again: Leaning towards pop (not dance pop, the very good vocally type pop) Trey sings remembrance of a love lost 5/5
Check Me Out: (feat. Diddy & Meek Mill) this track sounds just like something straight from the days when Diddy was known as Puff Daddy, so his feature flows perfectly. Trigga returns with some bars. A fun song that will have you hitting the ‘Diddy dance” everywhere you go. 4.5/5
Ladies Go Wild: TBH this track feels a little awkward coming from Trey, it’s as far into the dance/pop/fist-pumping music we’ve heard from Trey thus far and hopefully as far as he’ll go. Takes a few plays to get used to the track, which isn’t bad at all, had it been Usher’s song, I probably would’ve instantly liked it, but like I said, from Trey, this is slightly awkward.  3/5
Almost Lose It: Trey sings the thought process of watching the woman you love walk down the aisle to marry another man. Extremely heartfelt expression of heartbreak, a tearjerker 5/5
In my opinion, Chapter V is Trey’s best album as a whole. Chapter V displays impeccable growth and a wider perspective of the artist. Some have said the album seems all over the place, but as producer Troy Taylor explained, it simply takes you through the mind of a man, it’s simply complex. This is an album that can be a soundtrack to one’s life, make love, feel pain, have regrets, and experience joy, all the aspects of life in a playlist. The album flows seamlessly and engages the listeners. It’s new and still authentic Trey, he’s grown and we have to let him grow. Trey took a lot of chances with this album and it’s something I’m proud to witness and appreciate. Chapter V takes us on a journey, where Trey was, where he is and where he’s going. I expected something great from Trey, but I didn’t expect it in this nature, so to speak, it’s a great surprise.  To sum it up in one sentence, ain’t think Trey would come so hard up on this Chapter V but it’s simply amazing. 9.8/10

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Remember

The sounds of laughter, the wise words, I remember. The stories, the lessons, the many blessings. I remember. The painful stumbles, the grand recoveries, the complaints, the praises, I remember. You held me when I was shaking, made me smile when I was aching, fed me in times of hunger, kept me in times I was let go. In joys and sorrows, I remember your grace, I cherish your place. Memories are bound to fade but your presence impossible to evade. The love, I remember, I appreciate, I miss, I remember
RIP Uncle Pete
I love you & I miss you dearly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wake Up

Wake up from this nightmare, ease your heart from despair, set you mind free from fear. Just breathe, everything's alright, we don't have to fight.
Wake up! Do something! Do something! Don't panic, focus. Don't give up on us...
Wake up, it's over. We tried...we did all we's over. We tried...
Wake up, dream no up, you're still alive, live
Wake up! Do something! Say something! Be something! Today you're still here, don't just wait and hope for tomorrow to appear

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inevitable EP

PreOrder Trey Songz new EP, Inevitable at You have the option of  ordering a CD or a digital download. Deluxe packages available. Preorders also include a free download of Trey's newest singles "Top of the World" and "What I Be On" The EP will be in stores on November 29th, 2011.

Angels with Heart Foundation

Trey Songz's official foundation, Angels with Heart Foundation, is now up and running. Visit the site and the official twitter page: @AWHFoundation for updates

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's the 1st of the month...

IT'S FINALLY NOVEMBER 1ST!!!!! :D Watch Trey Songz live on Ustream at 1pm/12c as he drops his 2 mixtapes (#Lemmeholdatbeat2 and AnticipationII) on (free download), then catch him on 106&Park today at 6pm/5c with the video premier of 'Top of the World'
*Wale, Tyrese and Justin Bieber also released albums today available on iTunes for $9.99 each, entitled Ambition, Open Invitation, and Under the Mistletoe

Monday, October 24, 2011

New single from Sammie!

Listen to Sammie's new single: Gettin'Em ft 2 Chainz Let everybody know that Sammie be gettin'em gettin'em!! Follow him on twitter: @PrinceSammie and check out

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little wisdom

"There's more to life than your dreams and goals...there's life itself" -Troy Taylor