Saturday, September 3, 2011

Truth is...I regret

I always knew the end would come, I just never thought it would hurt this bad...don't get me wrong, my new beginning has been amazing, just not amazing enough to make me not miss what I had. Late nights, I sit alone in the dark, wondering if you think about me a fraction as much as I think about you. Waiting for you to reach out to me, expecting things to be like the old days. Truth is, the distance between us is greater than we ever were. Truth is, I was supposed to let you go a long time ago. Truth is, though we were so close, you were always far away. Us was never meant to last, We were always gonna be a thing of the past. In my mind I always knew there'd be an end to me and you but the heart is treacherous and it wants what it knows it should not, can not have. I tried to fool myself into thinking I would just pack up and go and have no regrets. But I regret I wasn't completely honest with you, I regret not saying it, whatever it was, whatever it is, I regret not making more of an effort, I regret being afraid...

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